Detailed changelog and minor update information

Beta 3.6 - November 2015
- Conversion to MonoGame and .NET 4.6. Civilians, Base Defense, Flamer. Updater and installer fixes.

Beta 3.5 - June 2015
- Completely redone content management system, resulting in a much smaller distribution package, and faster loading. Total network refactorization. New character leveling system in place. All supporting libraries updated, font rendering, and innumerable game bugs resolved.

Beta 3.4 - February 2014
- A new installer and launch application that allows for broader compatibility across integrated distribution platforms. Application permission issues resolved.

Beta 3.3 - December 2013
- A server deployment system is implemented. A focus on stability and performance. Behind the scenes improvements that optimize the release process. Website revamped.

Beta 3.2 - October 2013
- Persistent agents are introduced, along with account improvements. Problems resolved with installer, updater and management systems.

Beta 3 - September 2013
- The XNA platform is upgraded, and many network issues are resolved. Added content and revised game logic. Major work towards stability and overall performance.

Beta 2 - June 2013
- Online play is much smoother. The automatic updater is implemented for all builds going forward. The community forum is launched.

Beta 1 - August 2011
- Gameplay is online. Player movement is greatly enhanced.

Alpha 1 - December 2010
- Many bugs are fixed, basic online operation is implemented. This is the first time the agent base is showcased.

Technical Preview 1 - March 2010
- Initial public release. Feature incomplete. Showcase of movement, hacking, and firing.

Project Begins - May 2009
- Basic systems are constructed and major components are started.